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Popsicle Palomas!

May 17, 2020

This 4-ingredient recipe is short and sweet – just like this intro! No scrolling required, let’s get right to it:


  • Frozen limeade concentrate
  • Sparkling grapefruit water (I prefer a sparkling peach grapefruit water I get at HEB, the peach isn’t too overpowering and goes really well with the grapefruit!)
  • Tequila (optional – this drink is just as delicious without alcohol!)
  • Popsicles! (also not necessary for a tasty drink, but then it wouldn’t be “Popsicle Palomas,” would it?)


  • *DON’T ADD ICE FIRST – it makes it harder for the frozen limeade to mix in*
  • First, scoop you’re desired amount of frozen limeade into your glass (the more limeade, the more intense sweet/sour flavor your drink will have – I usually put in a couple large spoonfuls)
  • Then, pour over your sparkling water and stir to mix in the lime concentrate. Palomas are similar to margs, but with a grapefruit twist – you don’t have to stick to grapefruit water though. If you want to try a different flavor, go for it!
  • Optional: Add tequila! (Add as much or little as you’d like; it’s up to you to decide if you’re going for a chill lay-out-in-the-sun vibe or more of a last-day-of-summer-pool-party)
  • Lastly stir in your popsicle! After testing mango, lime, and strawberry flavors, strawberry was the winner. If you’re really fancy, you could make your own, but we got these from Mary’s – Abilene’s local paleteria and home of the MOST delicious popsicles
  • Now enjoy your refreshing popsicle paloma!

*The frozen lime juice and popsicle should keep your drink chilled, so hopefully you won’t have to add any ice that could water down the flavor!

These drinks are so fun because you can really get creative with them! The main ingredients of a paloma normally consist of tequila, lime, grapefruit (sometimes in the form of sparkling water), but you don’t have to stick to that. Try a different flavor of sparkling water or popsicle, or add fresh squeezed fruit juice instead of frozen concentrate (warning: it won’t be as sweet this way but it will probably be a more healthier option). Really the options are endless!

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