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DIY Floating Clothes Rack

February 5, 2019

Okay so I have been wanting to make a floating clothes rack ever since I saw something similar to this in a little boutique in Amsterdam two years ago. It was definitely done on a much larger scale than this one, with massive branches hanging from the ceilling displaying a multitude of beautiful dresses hanging on dainty wire hangers. I remember taking so many pictures of it, thinking that I could make something like that in my own room; flash forward two years and I finally made it!

It really is much simpler than I was anticipating, you just have to make sure you have the right tools. Here is what you need:

>Rope (almost any kind would work as long as it’s thick enough)

>Branch (I got this white birch one on sale at Hobby Lobby)

>Two screw eye hooks (purchased at Lowe’s)

>Stud finder (purchased at Walmart)

>Yardstick (or measuring tape)

>Drill (purchased at Lowe’s)



Step 1: Find your spot – First, decide where you want it to hang from. Using a stud finder, locate where the studs are in your ceiling (these are the pieces of wood that run behind the drywall and keep the structure of your ceiling and walls). Make sure this is where you are drilling your holes; if you don’t drill into a stud, your screws will most likely fall out of the ceiling once the weight of the clothing rack is placed on them – so finding a stud is super important!! (You could also try using plastic anchors if you don’t have a stud in the place you want to drill, but I didn’t want to risk it and felt more secure just drilling directly into the stud.)

Step 2: Measure & mark – Start by measuring your branch from the points where you want to hang your rope on. Make sure not to measure the entire length of the branch, but slightly shorter on both sides, leaving room to tie rope around each end.  Once you have found a stud in the place you want to hang the rack, hold up your yardstick to the ceiling and mark the spots you will be drilling based on the length of the branch. 

Step 3: Drill and Screw in Hooks – Drill into the studs you marked. I ended up using a 1/4″ drill bit. Once I drilled the holes, I simply screwed the hooks into my ceiling.

Step 4: Attach Rope and Branch – I started by looping my rope through the hook and double knotting it, leaving quite a bit hanging off so that I could wrap the ends around the branch. I then estimated how far down I wanted the branch to hang, and wrapped the excess rope around both sides, double knotting it at the end.

The knot looks a bit loose, but the rope is actually very sturdy!

Step 5: Add clothes! Now for the best part – picking out what clothes you want to hang from your new floating rack! I got these pretty rose gold hangers from Walmart of all places (never underestimate Walmart) And there you go, a pretty clothes rack perfect for displaying all your favorite pieces!

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